Picture Perfect lawn with fake grass

Picture Perfect lawn with fake grass

Get yourself a heavenly green garden with a range of artificial grass designed and manufactured by various companies today. Free samples can be ordered online with the help of a company representative selling artificial grass. Company websites selling artificial grass have a comprehensive guide with different types of artificial grass, that one can choose from. Based on factors like – density, durability, feel, drainage and pile height, you can make the choice and request for free artificial grass samples online. The best part of investing in artificial grass is that, you can save your time and money by spending ample time at your home surroundings rather than going out to parks or other green pastures.

Putting the customers first is the main priority of the artificial grass sellers, hence they offer free artificial grass samples to help customers make their final decision. No matter what selections you do, the offering of samples will give an experience of the quality of artificial grass products available. One can either select sample packs of artificial grass samples or select individual grass samples to decide upon. You can request a free sample pack and see their high quality artificial grass products before you can buy.

Below are few of the samples listed by a company called artificial grass-Direct.com

You have two types of grass classification- Classic grass and Prograss

Like for example Classic grass types are – Greescape, Majestic, Woodland Chase, Spring grass and greenscene

Prograss types are – New Regent, Prestige, Grandeur, New Play and Superior

Below are the types of grass suitable for lawns

Centipedegrass – This type of grass is best suited for climates in southeastern parts of U.S. Centipedegrass is a low maintenance type of grass due to its tolerance in higher temperatures and need for minimal water. Centipedegrass looks flatter with compressed sheaths and the leaves are rolled into the bud.

Artificial turf– Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibres and look like natural grass. Artificial turf is strong and requires no mowing and trimming and needs no irrigation. However this type of grass has a limited life and requires regular cleaning.

Kentucky Bluegrass – This type of grass works well in almost all parts in the U.S due to its cold climatic conditions. Kentucky bluegrass is an ideal choice for many lawns. It is tolerant in colder temperatures and is less likely to be found in warm climates near the Gulf coast areas. The blades of this grass is dark green colour having a boat shaped tip.

Many other varieties of turf grass you can find in market are – Tall Fescue, Creeping Bentgrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Fine fescue and Bahiagrass.

If you aspire to have a picture-perfect lawn, then artificial grass is the answer. It saves you from performing various tasks like weeding, watering, mowing and fertilizing woes to give you a beautiful lawn.

Synthetic grass for recreating and landscaping is growing 10% to 15% every year in the U.S. Most of the homeowners use artificial grass for lawns, play areas, dog runs, pool surrounds, putting greens, decorative borders midst of patio pavements and rooftops.



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