My basement is leaking who do i call

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My basement is leaking who do i call

Remember, because its most likely not covered by your insurance company, the more you can do to minimize the damage the better off youll be, call The Basement Waterproofing Guy at (905) STAY DRY ( ) if you have questions or concerns. Of course, if you have cracks and other openings, water will start leaking into your basement a whole lot faster. The Role of Hydrostatic Pressure This is a term the industry likes to bandy around, so lets take time to understand it. Apr 18, 2016Causes of basement leaks. The most common causes of basement leaks is pressure created by water in the soil surrounding the foundation. There are two different forms of pressure that can cause issues: During periods of heavy or persistent rain, the soil can become saturated, creating hydrostatic pressure (or water pressure) Free Home Improvement Quotes Home Improvement Projects Find a Local Contractor Mar 22, 2017Signs of Leaks in Your Basement. Identifying leaks in your basement in a timely manner will be crucial in order to prevent further water damage. The main objective should be to determine whether the source is from an external water source, such as rain, lot drainage or groundwater, or any other source, such as leaking plumbing or condensation. In If water is leaking in through your foundation or through basement windows, call a basement waterproofing contractor. Have standing water pumped out as soon as possible. If your basement is only partially flooded, you can suck up standing water using a wetdry vacuum. Basement water leaking from your sump pit and a drain line not properly maintained can be a source. Dirt, gravel, sand and debris can collect in the pit and the drain causing a backup of water. Any sump pit should have a batteryoperated sump pump alarm installed several inches below the cover to alert any homeowner of potential backup, however, regular maintenance can prevent any future seepage. Finding water in your basement doesnt always mean that your basement walls are leaking. After 1000s of leaky basement inspections weve encountered plumbing leaks which the average homeowner can find with a little bit of detective work. We recommend that you do as much of your own investigation as possible to avoid an unnecessary service call that will cost you money. Sep 17, 2015Its usually pretty easy to spot a plumbing leak and when you do, call a plumber. They are the best at fixing and installing pipes, drains and fixtures. They unclog drains, toilets and sewer lines and fix leaking faucets. Wet Basement or Crawl Space: Who Should You Call First? If you come home to a wet basement or crawl space, make sure you get credible advice before agreeing to pay for any repairs. (Photo courtesy of Angies List member Robert B. ) Jul 10, 2014Causes of Basement Leaks. Lateral Pressure The soil that surrounds a foundation between the footings and the surface can also absorb water although under normal weather conditions this soil should drain. Certain types of soils, such as sand and loam, drain fairly quickly and dont absorb as much water. Clay soil,

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