Why are there millipedes in my basement

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Why are there millipedes in my basement

William Keeton Woodlouse Scorpion C. Jeekel Jun 20, 2019Here are a few tips to prevent millipedes in the house. Seal any cracks and crevices in your homes foundation, around wiring and around plumbing where millipedes can enter. Seal the expansion joints where patios, sunrooms, and sidewalks are next to your foundation and also along the walls of your basement. Ralph Vary Chamberlin Jan 21, 2014If millipedes are attracted to your house, you might have a problem with excess moisture. Use a dehumidifier to help draw this excess moisture out of the air and discourage the millipedes from staying as a result. Pay special attention to the subfloor crawl space and basement Arachnid Organ of Tmsvry Centipede Crawlspaces are excellent millipede habitats. There are often boxes of stored items and pieces of lumber on the ground under a home. The millipedes can feed on dead leaves that have blown into the crawl space or small pieces of damp or decaying wood. In the fall, millipedes often migrate. They move out of their normal habitat. Millipedes can be difficult to get rid of. Understand more about these insects so you can have a better understanding of millipede control. For functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Aug 01, 2011My basement has an infestation of hundreds if not thousands of these little critters. You can't take a step without crunching on the carcasses of little currled up balls of the dead onesor a nice juicy crunch followed by a small splatter of the still living ones. First, their residence is, indeed, occasional, with people generally experiencing an influx of millipedes in the fall or spring. This means our reader is experiencing his basement millipede problem at a somewhat unusual time of year, but perhaps there is an early thaw wherever he lives. Aug 28, 2009There are many reasons as to why you have centipeded in the basement. Centipedes eat mold and live in damp dark places. Removing their habitat is the first step toward eliminating them. Centipedes dry out and die if they dont stay in a moist environment, so if you clean up damp closets and basements. Hoffman Insect Sep 12, 2013I have millions of these worms on the cement surrounding my house. They are about 1 long and have a hard shell. They are as wide as a piece of grass. The underside is a lighter brown. I sweep them up into a bucket and dump them across the road about every other day. Oct 04, 2019Millipedes have a tendency to wander indoors in the late fall when temps start to drop in search of somewhere to overwinter. They also get restless in times of excessive rain. The overabundance of moisture can drive them out of their own homes and into yours. Jul 18, 2016Millipedes are found outside in your yard in damp places such as in leaf litter, mulch, flowerbeds, compost, rotting wood, and under stones and debris. When their outside sites become less habitable due to excess rain, drought, or cooler fall temperatures, millipedes. Centipedes are attracted to moisture because they lack the waxy cuticle of insects causing them to rapidly lose water. Commonly they are found in soil, under stones and wood, and inside logs. So, why do they live in your basement? Centipedes like your basement because a lot of the time its an area that has significant moisture. Control Inside Moisture Millipedes can only survive in a high moisture environment. Typically this tends to be in your basement or other damp parts of your house. Purchasing a couple dehumidifiers is a great solution to control your moisture content in your house.

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