Why does my dog like the basement

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Why does my dog like the basement

Because your dog is also avoiding bright light and loud noises it is possible that this has something to do with his treatment for uveitis. Eyes that have uveitis are painful in bright light and some diseases that cause uveitis can also cause other neurologic symptoms, like sensitivity to loud noises. Mar 11, 2009My dogs used to be afraid of going down the stairs inside the house but one day they wandered down the bulkhead stairs from the outside and they got over it. there's a poltergeist in your basement, dogs sense them. My dog is afraid of everything. My dog has been continuesly using the basement as her bathrroom. She did not start this until she got really sick one day around December, and there were multiple areas in the basement where she went. Since then, sick or not, she has continued to use it as her bathroom. There are very few days when I have come home and there has been nothing. Apr 27, 2013General Dog Discussions. My dog is a 2 year old shih tzu and he keeps pooping in the basement, he did this when he was a puppy but then he stopped for awhile and now he keeps doing it My dad says I ave a month to train him or else he's going. May 21, 2015The other, once in a blue moon will go in the basement with us. My reasoning has always been that she hates having a bath. We use the utility tub in the basement for dog baths. Even the word, bath to the old girl sends her ears down and her tail between her legs. Jul 15, 2010Doesn't Like the Basement. We would love it if Casey hung out in the basement with us but the dog HATES the basement. There are no windows, so its kind of like a dark cave. She is 100 times happier on the main floor of the house by the glass deck doors where she. Feb 05, 2013Best Answer: Dogs have a sixth sense, dont they? Do you think he may be sensing something that you cant? Could there be a presence in your home that the dog is detecting? It seems strange that a dog you have owned for a long time should suddenly become skittish and choose to go to the basement when left alone. I find it also alarming that he leaves the comfort of couchesbeds and. my dog dean has been isolating himself, he usually sleeps with me or one of my family members but lately hes been sleeping in the bathroom, and the hallway. today he was sleeping on the couch and so i put a blanket on him and he hasnt moved since 7: 30am. idk if hes tired but usually dogs get up and do things, and hes not responding to any. Actually lots of dogs like going into basements. But normally if they don't they are trained not to go down there. My dogs are trained not to go in the basement. Aug 31, 2015My dog always did that, too. In our old house, when we first got him and finally trained him, he would still on occasion pee in the basement even while looking at us! Then we moved and he was older, but did the same thing, never peed anywhere inside but in the carpeted basement. Jul 11, 2010Hi, I can't figure out why my dog pees in the basement. For example, we had just gone out for a long walk, where he peed about 10 times or so, and then we came in and within the hour he peed a huge puddle on the basement floor. My dog likes it in the basement, too, but it's definitely not cooler. Our basement is finished, and has heatinig. It's about as warm as the rest of the house. Maybe our dogs like the security of it. It's a nice, open room that is smaller compared to the rest of my house, so he can see all of it if he's standing up. Feb 17, 2017My dog is spooked by my basement as well. I think because they know its below ground level and I think small dogs like it for that reason. My Shihtzu would go down there on her own at times. my pitbull shakes like a little pussy at the thought of it but when I. Look how long it takes to train a dog not to go in the house. And a month old kitten can use a litter box. And unfiinished basement can hide many things. Crawly things that cats love to hunt. Maybe it's just a fly that got in the basement, my kitty loves to. Aug 13, 2008Best Answer: Is it the stairs? She could go up the stairs, just now down. But I did know a dog that just wouldn't go to the basement. He went down the other stairs, now the basement. Put cheese or meat at the bottom of the stairs. This will make your dog

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