What color should i paint my basement stairs

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What color should i paint my basement stairs

Find the Color and Dutch Boy Product That's Right For You Your HomeBrowse Now Or scan surrounding decor colors, opting for black and white, dark gray and pale gray, or brown and beige stairs to blend with the room's existing flooring or color scheme. If you like, blend opendesign stairs the kind without risers into the background by painting them to match the surrounding wall color, or put an attractive stairway on display with a contrasting hue. 4 Easy DIY Ways to Finish Your Basement Stairs Another major benefit of using paint rather than stain is that you can choose nearly any color for your stairs. Cons of painting: Most paint will mask the grain of the wood underneath and keep your steps from looking like the natural wood they are made from. When you have decided to get your stairways to get painted, the common question arises, what color should I paint my stairs? A lot of stairways and risers get painted in white or offwhite, cloud white being the default choice. My stairs are el cheapo mdf, but hopefully paint will hide a multitude of sins. I have a lot of filling and sanding to do, due to the staples from the carpet. It has taken me 5 hours to do five stairs if I was paying someone, it would be cheaper to remove the stairs and replace them. Paint over your tape edges with your base color. If you do so, you will seal the tape with the base color, and the next color (in my case gray) cannot get under that pesky tape. If your basement stairway is poorly lit or shadowy, choose a lightcolored paint to reflect the available light and improve visibility and safety. You can paint a stenciled design or a creative I painted the stairs with the same color as my front door, lovely dark red, and the color flows into the house as you open the door, carried upstairs by the stairs. 3 Common Staircase Design Mistakes and what to do instead Posted in: interior design 46 comments. I have subscribed to your blog but as far as I know I have not received the Get Your Paint Colors Right the first time guide. I have wall to wall carpet on my stairs, hardwood. Painting wooden basement stairs, best way best product. For durability on the stairs, you will want a Porch And Floor paint. They are available as either oil or acrylic water based. They are available as either a lower satin sheen or a higher gloss. The higher glosses are usually oil based. These tough floor finishes can certainly be used as

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