Why does my dog poop in the basement

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Why does my dog poop in the basement

Nov 22, 2011Why does my dog keep pooping in the basement? My chocolate lab who is fixed and 9 years old and house trained. All of a sudden he starts pooping in the house. We feed him in the morning and take him out and after dinner. Sometimes have have to leave at 6: 00 am, others it's 9: 00am. May 24, 2006There could be any number of reasons why the dog is doing this in the basement at night. True, he may not like being left alone there at nightbut have you considered that he may have a. Nov 07, 2011Reason# 1: Dogs Pee or Poop in Another Room Because Its Far Away. And you confine her between toilet breaks because dogs usually prefer to eliminate away from places where they eat and rest. Thats why crates and pens are such a big housetraining help. They encourage the dog or puppy to hold it till you take her out again. Mar 10, 2011Fear of Loud Noises. When dogs are afraid, they often pee or poop in the house. Loud noises, from the rumble of thunder to the boom and crack of fireworks, are common triggers. While you cant stop the sounds outside, you can train your dog be calmer when he hears loud noises. If your dog is having soiling issues in the house, he may have an underlying medical condition brought on by a parasitic, viral, or bacterial infection. Infections that affect the digestive tract to become inflamed will cause your dog to have diarrhea, and he may feel a sense of urgency to poop. Jul 11, 2010Hi, I can't figure out why my dog pees in the basement. For example, we had just gone out for a long walk, where he peed about 10 times or so, and then we came in and within the hour he peed a huge puddle on the basement floor. Dec 23, 2008If he was yelled at for pooping in the basement or in the sitting room it could be that he now feels that he has to hold it until he is unobserved to avoid getting in trouble. So he waits until everyone is gone and then relieves himself. This is why it is so important to make absolutely sure he is going before you leave in the morning. Mar 26, 2016Once she was locked out of the basement, she only pooped in the litter box. All 3 cats and 1 dog joined my mother and her dog. We installed a cat door in my bedroom door so I can close the door and give the cats a safe place free from dogs. Mookie again preferred the basement. Aug 07, 2019If your dog is pooping in house after you've let him out to go potty, there are a number of different reasons this can happen and it's important to find the cause before attempting to correct the issue. Your dog could have anxiety, be distracted, be on a different schedule, or have a medical issue. Apr 27, 2013Confinement can be in a crate (especially at night), an exercise pen, or behind a baby gate in a very small and puppyproofed room. Supervise the puppy or dog whenever it is loose in the home. This means having eyes on it, not on the TV. Play with the puppy, do a five minute training session. My dog keeps pooping in the basement The dog will become accustomed to having the pad under it's feet (they become accustomed to using it on certain surfacestextures like carpet or thick grass), and will eventually stop using it on the bare floor. Why is my dog hiding in the basement? He appears fine and then he just trembles and hides. Lately he has been going into our dark basement, he has never shown interest in the basement before. He seems sensitive to light and noise. Has been digging in the leach field and scooting across the carpet. Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Dogs and poop go together, and poop is a fact of life for all dog owners. The majority of our pet dogs are confident heading outdoors to do their business. But what is going on when a dog that normally goes outside, starts pooping inside? Whenever something about your dogs behavior changes significantly. Aug 31, 2015My dog always did that, too. In our old house, when we first got him and finally trained him, he would still on occasion pee in the basement even while looking at us! Then we moved and he was older, but did the same thing, never peed anywhere inside but in the carpeted basement. My Dog Is Going to the Bathroom in the Basement. asks from Mount Prospect, IL on June 04, 2010 22 answers. My dog has been continuesly using the basement as her bathrroom. She did not start this until she got really sick one day around December, and there were multiple areas in the basement where she went.

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