Why does my basement feel humid

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Why does my basement feel humid

Rising Damp Moisture can rise through the floor and foundation by capillary action. It comes from damp concrete and poorly drained ground, and besides making the basement and lower stories uncomfortable, it can damage the floors, foundation and other woodwork. Ventilation with humid outside air. In the summertime, basement windows may be opened for fresh air. If the outside air is warm and humid, it will condense on the cool basement wall and floor surfaces. Many homeowners see this moisture and believe they are experiencing basement wall leakage, when in fact the accumulated moisture is from condensation. How to Get Rid of the Damp Basement Smell DoItYourself. com Sep 18, 2011Humidity in your basement is a problem for many reasons. A damp basement smells and is uncomfortable, but its also prone to mold and fungal growth that can cause health problems. Humid basements are also more likely to have problems with rot and structural damage. Condensation in Damp Basements. When humid air is next to a cold surface, its temperature may drop below the dew point. Its relative humidity rises to 100 and it sheds the excessive humidity by condensation. The ground temperature is typically 52 to 55F. Sep 24, 2019There are a few reasons why your basement could be humid. The most common reasons are because the ground holds moisture. When the ground holds moisture and you are below ground (like most basements are) this means that you are surrounded by water (walls and ground). In the winter, a house that is too humid typically has some high moisture sources such as a damp or leaking basement. It is strongly advised that you deal with these problems before you make changes in your familys habits or install equipment to remove excess humidity. Basement Moisture Collection Methods Home Guides SF Gate Basements are inherently damp places, even if you don't have active sources of water. Cool temperatures plus humid air makes one feel cold. Humidity can create other problems, as well. Cold foundation walls subjected to 2030 relative humidity will cause condensation, which can lead to mold, mildew, and rot. How to Get Rid of the Damp Basement Smell When High Humidity in Your Basement is a Problem I just bought a 50 pint dehumidifier for my basement. What humidity level should I aim for? This time of year the outside humidity is very high (over 80) and we do not have central air. Right now it is set to 55 and seems to be running constantly. Should we keep it running and try and get it even lower than 55. Fun Basements, Family Approved. Another common contributor to a wet basement is runoff from gutters. Directing them away from the foundation of a home can help to prevent a basement from becoming damp. Basement cracks should be closed off with a concrete sealer. If you suspect groundwater swelling may be an issue. Why your basement should have a dehumidifier Toronto. Oct 08, 2008Bedroom Feels Damp. Believe it or not, the ac in the winter, keeps the room at a more even temperature than depending on the furnace to keep warm and it also keeps the air clean and moving and fresh. I keep the temp at a comfortable 68 all year this way. It also only adds about 3 a month to my electric bill.

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