Where can i find the columbine basement tapes

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Where can i find the columbine basement tapes

From March 15 to April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made a series of videotapes specifically addressing the attack they planned, and expressing their reasons. Because most installments were filmed in Eric's basement (just outside his bedroom), they came to be known as The Basement Tapes. Sep 28, 2016the basement tapes The tapes were meant to be their final word, to all those who had picked on them over the years, and to everyone who would come up with a theory about their inner demons. It is clear listening to them that Harris and Klebold were not just having trouble with what their counselors called anger management. Jun 22, 2017On the first tape, Eric and Dylan are together in the basement of Eric's house, with Eric holding a shotgun (Arlene). He wears a Rammstein Tshirt and he's drinking from a bottle of Jack Daniels as he's speaking to the camera with Dylan. Roche published an article for Time on the tapes on December 20, soon after viewing them, dubbing them the Basement Tapes. Not long after the article's publication, furious family members of the deceased threatened to sue Jefferson County, considering the fact that. The basement tapes will now be in an archive somewhere, be it with law enforcement or with the actual town council of Littleton, and depending on the actual details of that archive law you could be looking at anywhere between 20 to 75 years before they are even considered to be eligible for public viewing. Oct 12, 2017Credits due to clockworkmassacre. Columbine 'Basement Tapes' Audio Clip A tiny bit longer than most Sep 06, 2013The Columbine Documents pg( ) and the Time magazine article offer similarities of what is said on the basement tapes. But obviously unless Time magazine had prolonged access to the tapes it would be difficult for them to describe exactly what they heard in its entirety, or maybe they were not shown the full tapes in the first place. The natural born killers waited until the parents were asleep upstairs before heading down to the basement to put on their show. The first videotape is almost unbearable to watch. Dylan Klebold sits in the tan LaZBoy, chewing on a toothpick. Eric Harris adjusts his video camera a few feet away. Continue for more about the destruction of the Columbine killers' basement tapes. In 2001, after first Westword and then the Rocky Mountain News published extensive excerpts from Eric Harris's. Oct 18, 2017Where did the Basement Tapes and full 911 call audio leaks come from? Just curious: can anybody tell me where the brief audio leak of the Basement Tapes came from? Does this person have the full tapes? It seems like it just sort of popped up one day. (that's floating around on the Columbine forum and places like that). Quotes and transcripts from the basement video tapes Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made. This is excerpted from the Columbine Report and, due to the nature of the report, is difficult to place into a timetable. Eric refers to them as crickets and says they are his grenades. Dylan takes the camera then and he tapes Eric holding some. Dylan Klebold sits in a tan LaZBoy recliner in Erics basement bedroom, chewing on a toothpick while Eric Harris messes around with the nowstationary video recorder. When hes done Eric moves to sit in another recliner with the bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey, and his

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