How do you drywall a basement

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How do you drywall a basement

Mar 07, 2012BASEMENT FINISHING COURSE: StepByStep DIY Basement Finishing Course CLICK HERE: FREE Finished Basement PreCo Sep 05, 2015The articles you read are written in very general terms, but each basement is different. What you have in the corner must be addressed no matter what you decide to do about painting. The little moisture you are getting is not good, no matter how little it. Prepping Basement Walls for Drywall. After using polystyrene foam adhesive to glue sheets of foam insulation to the walls, I attach two layers of 1x3 strappingone vertical and one horizontalto the rigid sheets. You could get by with just one horizontal row, but the 1 inch thick grid made by the two perpendicular rows makes it real easy to rig electric and cable lines. By putting drywall in a basement, you can take an unused space and turn it into a playroom, living room, or functional living space. But, do you need a permit for this project? Ive done some research to find out the needtoknow details for this home improvement project. Use Furring Strips Use furring strips attached to basement walls: basement panels can be used in a basement finish not using studs and drywall. As such, all you need for support are some furring strips attached to basement concrete side walls. Lay a piece of drywall board flat on the ground with the paper side down. Hold the caulk gun on the drywall and pull the trigger evenly as you apply the adhesive in swirls over the entire back of the drywall. Keep the adhesive 2 to 3 inches from the edges of the drywall and apply a. Select drywall sheeting that is at least 38inches thick and that comes in the standard dimensions of 4x8feet per sheet for an easy fit on a standard 8foot basement ceiling. Ensure that your first drywall sheet is squarely positioned by checking it with the level. Secure each drywall sheet with drywall screws spaced 18inches apart. Basement drywall is a major step in finishing your own basement. So if you've made it to the drywall stage! Your finished basement is one phase closer to being a reality. Your basement framing is done (at least you think your framing is done. Drywall size kept me up at night. Yeah, I'm a big basement nerd and I know it. I was thinking of drywalling my basement (which I don't recommend btw) and so I started looking at drywall sheet prices. The drywall size, lengths and thicknesses, absolutely affect the price, but not necessarily in the way you would think. So before you pack it up, walk around the entire work area and make sure the ceiling and all walls have a sufficient nailing surface for the drywall. The top of outside corners, perpendicular intersections, and walls that run parallel to the joists are three of the most common areas where youll need to add backers.

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