Why does my dog pee in the basement

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Why does my dog pee in the basement

Jul 11, 2010Hi, I can't figure out why my dog pees in the basement. For example, we had just gone out for a long walk, where he peed about 10 times or so, and then we came in and within the hour he peed a huge puddle on the basement floor. Jul 29, 2012Okay all of a sudden my 3 year old female miniature schnauzer dog started peeing in the basement. Usually she goes to the door and scratches to get out. She doesn't do that anymore she just goes to the basement. Even if we leave her out for hours she still goes in the basement. Our basement is currently Being renovated. Dec 21, 2010Stop peeing in the basement, Argh! You might want to spend some more time there yourself with the dogs, but not necessarily interacting with the dogs, ie. sit on a couch and read or some other activity like that. It is quite probable that Daisy doesn't feel that the basement is an indoor area and a part of your living quarters. know there is a mistake that 99 of people make Im going to tell you about even though you do make a solid attempt at the steps youve been told over and over to retraining your dog not to pee in the house. YOU CAN get your dog to stop peeing in the house and its. [help new dog peeing in the basement where cats are. I adopted a 4 year old chiweenie about a week ago. Hes been good, going in his crate and peeing outside. Last night he came downstairs where the cats pee and eat and he started peeing in the basement. Why do you think he is not thrilled about them? Jan 21, 2018My dog likes it in the basement, too, but it's definitely not cooler. Our basement is finished, and has heatinig. It's about as warm as the rest of the house. Maybe our dogs like the security of it. It's a nice, open room that is smaller compared. Jan 26, 2017If your dog who has been housetrained for years suddenly started peeing inside, youre not alone. My 15yearold dog, Mosby, suddenly felt the need to urinate all over the house and he had. Now she begins to pee in my house is very unacceptable. I have to take away her freedom. I force my dog to stay outside on my porch or in the crate all the time unless I take her outside only to play. I learn that my dog is NOT a dog house but an animal good for walking. Why do I have to take her to vet? they just want My dog has been continuesly using the basement as her bathrroom. She did not start this until she got really sick one day around December, and there were multiple areas in the basement where she went. Since then, sick or not, she has continued to use it as her bathroom. There are very few days when I have come home and there has been nothing. Sep 03, 2007How do I get my dog to stop peeing on the basement cement. If that is negative, you can use an enzyme based cleanser like Odor Mute to clean the area and remove his scent. Then stack some boxes or furniture over the place where he normally goes. Apr 27, 2013How do I stop my dog from pooping in the basement? General Dog Discussions My dog is a 2 year old shih tzu and he keeps pooping in the basement, he did this when he was a puppy but then he stopped for awhile and now he keeps doing it Dec 07, 2016Step 1. Some people have problems with dogs urinating on the concrete areas around their homes. If the dog is urinating on your sidewalk, then rinse the concrete with water and clean it with an ammoniafree cleaner such as vinegar, bleach or baking soda. Dec 25, 2012One of my pomeranians has been peeing all over the place, destroying furniture, and taking things out from the trash can. my basement is clean, and it's not too bad down there. I leave some water and food there for them, they get to be there whenever I'm not watching them or whenever I'm going out. They do get some time around the house. but I unfortunatley the boy dog is. Aug 31, 2015My dog always did that, too. In our old house, when we first got him and finally trained him, he would still on occasion pee in the basement even while looking at us! Then we moved and he was older, but did the same thing, never peed anywhere inside but in the carpeted basement.

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