What do you call a basement window

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What do you call a basement window

Quick answer: If you have a basement window that is fully or partially below grade, you will need a window well to prevent leaking and help bring in light. If the basement window is in a habitable room, then you will need a window well and window that conforms to. Jalousie Windows made of glass slats set in metal clips that can be opened and closed altogether, this type of window (sometimes called louvered window) is made like a glass shutter. You can open this window as much as you like to allow as much light and air in as you want. Jun 29, 2012Basement window wells main purpose, of course, is to complement the windows in your basement to allow sunlight and ventilation into what can be a dark space. They also become an integral part of any basement waterproofing system by preventing those windows from becoming a source of water infiltration. A window well keeps the earth away from the basement window. It can be bolted to a buck or, if a remodel, to the foundation wall. A basement window can be of any style that meets code requirements. Safety grates or grilles keep people and pets from falling into the well. Sep 21, 2019Hopper windows are basic, standard basement windows. This type of basement window hinges to the bottom of the window frame, and opens by tilting inward from the top. For this reason, the window screen on a hopper window is typically installed on the outside of the window frame. This is the least expensive type of basement window, but usually offers the widest range of options in sizes. If your home features a basement with windows at, or just below, ground level, chances are you also have window wells. These semicircular cutouts surround your windows, allowing light into the basement. But, like any home system, window wells require maintenance and professional implementation. Specific Requirements for Basement Windows. For example, if you have an underground basement (as opposed to a split level basement), you will also need to replace your window well and attach a ladder to the back of the well for easy exit to ground level. This is often the case if the window well itself sits more than 44 inches below ground level. Sep 05, 2012Re: Escape Window for Basement? shamas my dear friend there must be an escape window in the basement as in case of any emergency it might prove to be helpful. you should better try out searching the net for this purpose to find the suitable and cheap supplier. basement window bulkhead the window exit is called Cleargress, as in clear egress More information Find this Pin and more on Basement Apartment by Mary Jo Noce. Window wells for basement egress windows. A window in the basement may require a well in order to make it accessible and more importantly escapable. If it does, in order to make sure the well meets egress window requirements it must have a clearance distance of about 22 inches between the unit and the well wall to ease escape.

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