What color should i paint basement floor

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What color should i paint basement floor

Any darkish, low key color that works with your beige. And when I was picking colors for exhibits that [as they all did were mounted on a reddish cast fake tile floor, I picked a baseboard color that was between the floor color and the wall color. I agree with using the quality paint. Looks lousy when it is half worn off. I do suggest you get a paint that is suitable for garage floor installation. The problem with painting a basement floor is the ease of scratching because usually you have metal storage things. Yes to# 2 because constant mopping will wear down the paint bonding. 3 is really a different question. Sealing this is outside of your paint project. No matter what you have in your basement, if its dark and creepy youre not going to have as many people who want to check it out. Colors like yellow, light green or even pinks and reds can be a lot of fun and brighten up the space. If your basement is already light you can paint it just about any color you want. Here are 10 paint colors that would be welcome additions to any basement design. Crisp, clean white is a natural choice to brighten lightdeprived spaces like basements. Homeowners can emphasize the hue's expansive properties by incorporating white furnishings and accessories. Start by adhering painters tape to the walls everywhere that they touch the floor. This will keep the color from spreading to unwanted surfaces. Pour the paint into a tray, and then use a hand brush to apply it to the floor nearest where the walls are. The Best LIGHT paint Colours to Brighten a Dark Room Whether you want to paint all of the walls the same, light colour or prefer a feature wall, these colours should get you well on your way! And Ill only say it once more you HAVE to have good interior lighting to use these colours, otherwise, I HIGHLY recommend you look at a more. Find and save ideas about Basement floor paint on Pinterest. Apr 27, 2013Painting old house basement walls and floor MUCK We have a old house built in the 30's and the basement was painted at least twice by the previous owner sometime in the 50's or 60's. 2 years ago we had the basement water proofed which has eliminated 99 of the moisture in the basement. Oct 08, 2016Basement Floor Paint. A green or beige color can really warm up a basement. If you plan on using your basement for storage and laundry, a soft ivory can give your basement a nice clean feel. If you are wondering how much paint youll need for your project, our paint calculator will help. Basement floors are a bit rough, meaning harder to clean and get a solid bond. I have had these peel just like paint. latex paint cheap, easy, not messy at all, but I have mentioned before it will peel for sure. drylok type paint (concrete moisture paint) same as latex, handles water better on cleanups but bleachcleaners not so much.

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